Five Reasons Why You Need Black Tights


Tights are without a shadow of doubt a winter staple. I find them incredibly practical and stylish. As well, they keep us warm during this season and also let us use our favorite SS outfits without feeling out of place. My favorites: the classic black tights. 

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When In Doubt, Wear Red


There is no doubt of the strong magnetism of red. It immediately pops out in any given situation, and the best news, is that there is one that looks good on every woman.

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An Easy Way to Update your Classic Winter Coat


Coats seem to be the symbolic winter garment. Their purpose is clear and loud: to protect us from the low temperatures. There doesn’t exist a divise line between this piece and the coldest season of the year, so it is clear that the investment on a classic appears as the brightest purchase. But of course […]

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Leopard Jacket


The leopard print has been around for quite some time. Sometimes in, sometimes out, the wild trend has had its moments, but one thing is for certain: it will never disappear.

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Winter Faux Fur


I have always loved how street style photos portrait models and fashion girls wearing those huge and fluffy faux fur coats during the winter. I hadn’t really considered getting one, but when I found an amazing piece, and a good price, I couldn’t resist, and took it home.

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Pink and Black Are a Perfect Match


I can say without a shadow of doubt that pink and black are my favorite colors, so there was an obvious choice to create an outfit with these two contrasting hues…

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One Great Coat


We tend to think that great style requires of many layers of clothing, planned accessorizing or dramatic hair and makeup, but I have found out that sometimes all you need is one great piece. And in winter, we are talking about one great coat.

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The Infallible Duo


When mentioning an infallible duo, each one thinks of its own ideal of a perfect match. Batman and Robin, Bonnie and Clyde, beach and the sun, Carrie and her Manolos, black and white, a brownie and vanilla ice cream (don´t you agree with me on this?), and so on, I could continue making a list […]

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