Pink and Black Are a Perfect Match


I can say without a shadow of doubt that pink and black are my favorite colors, so there was an obvious choice to create an outfit with these two contrasting hues…

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The Infallible Duo


  When mentioning an infallible duo, each one thinks of its own ideal of a perfect match. Batman and Robin, Bonnie and Clyde, beach and the sun, Carrie and her Manolos, black and white, a brownie and vanilla ice cream (don´t you agree with me on this?), and so on, I could continue making a […]

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Elevated Jeans


Jeans are one of the greatest inventions on Earth (of course I´m not exaggerating at all). The garment, which was first used by workers in the Eighteenth century and later made popular by teens in the 50´s, are not only incredibly comfortable, but there is a great variety  of designs for every body, style and […]

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Dressing for Winter


With my favorite season just around the corner, and I being a self-declared holidays enthusiast person, it might not sound as a surprise to you that I have already decorated my apartment according to the season. Christmas tree? Check. Santa Claus figures in every single size and shape? Check. A very characteristic holidays scent in […]

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