A Fascination With Color


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During the last weeks, I have found myself fascinated by certain colors: Lavender, Military Green and Baby Blue. Why? I really don´t know!! I think that is what happens when we get totally fascinated, (I didn´t want to say obsessed, a little creppy huh?), with certain color, or picture, or a new artist, or that song playing in the radio, or that amazing movie, full of special effects on the cinema. When we suddenly love something, is SO completely out of our own understanding, and that is the beauty of being human.

Falling in love is not an act exclusively made for loving another human being; it goes far beyond. Haven´t you been in love with your beautiful dog waiting for you every night at home? Haven´t you loved a song so much that you play it so many times that you end up hating it? Or what about your mom´s lasagna? Or that coffee they sell in an organic store on your way to work? All these little things we love, we get fascinated by, are the ones that give meaning to life, and is just something we can´t explain. The fascination for things, like these three beautiful colors I love right now, is unexplainable. Let´s see if they become the next trend ;).


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