Sexy Under The Layers

This is pure inspiration. You wanna know why? I´ll tell you the story. Several months ago I found this photograph in The, one of my favorite blogs. The Sartorialist features photographs of people around the world, people going to work, people ryding a bicycle, people laughing, people talking, people smoking, people in their every day life; pure essence and no more. Scott Schuman is the photographer and founder of this unique blog, one of the first ones that featured StreatStyle and its relationship with the fashion world. So, going back to my story, while I was checking this blog, I saw this picture and I absolutely loved it. Scott Schuman mentioned how this woman, covered in many layers, exuded such a sexy vibe and it´s the truth. She has such a seductive vibe, without showing too much skin and I found this as pure inspiration for my looks. It is not necessary to wear revealing clothes to exude sexiness, it is all about your vibe. I keep this in mind everytime I feel like being sexy, and that is why I found this as an example of what true inspiration is.

Image The Sartorialist


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