Wo/Men Clothing

StreetStyle pictures are a continuing inspiration source. Always changing, always evolving, always fresh. They are the portrayal of what is happening right now, and what will come in the fashion world. The Sartorialist, the winner of them all. Scott Schuman knows exactly what inspiration is, and most importantly, how to portray it. I saw this beautiful picture in his blog, and what he said about it was completely truth. He said that he loved the happy accident of the man crossing while he was taking a picture of the lovely lady, noticing how womenswear and menswear, are each time more similar, and are less apart, and it is SO right. Both of them are wearing jeans. Both of them are wearing a large coat. Both of them are wearing masculine shoes. I mean, we would have to be blind to not notice how they are wearing the same exact garments, but of course, each one giving it its personal style.

Each time womenswear is more similar to mens clothing (don´t get so excited boys, we do not want to be like you). I think there are many reasons for this enormous change in fashion. One of them, is of course, comfortness. Wasn´t that the reason women started wearing pants? Women used to wear only skirts and dresses; pants, were only for men. But with the passing time, women started wearing pants and nowadays it is the most common thing to see a lady in them.

A second reason for womens´ clothes becoming more masculine is because of the same reason ladies also started using pants: because women started gaining more power, more liberties and more equality towards men and that is exaclty whats is happening right now. The world is changing. Each time more women gain more equality towards men, and the sector where the difference can be more easily perceived, is in the business world. Men were the only ones that used to have power positions, but now women, are more powerful than ever. But with all the past years having an enormous difference between genders, the image of power, was, and is still being, from men. And what is the easiest and most recognizible way to identify a person´s position? Clothes. And that is the reason I think women garments are becoming so similar to menswear.

Another reason for women using clothing similar to menswear? Because they have amazing clothes! Really! I know you may have expected something more profound, but it is as simple as that. Men have great, cool and really fashionable garments in their clothes, and I wouldn´t mind stealing (ok, borrowing) one or two, or even three pieces from my boyfriend´s closet. The fashion world is also for the boys, so why not, take some ideas from them? ;).

Image The Sartorialist


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