Soft Neutrals

This is my first photoshoot for My Lookbook. I am very excited about this new section in ATUENDO29!! Is something I have wanted to do for quite some time, but there was always something caught in between that wouldn´t let me do it. And now, here are the results :). It was so much fun taking the pictures. My roomate, and one of my best friends, helped me with them. This was a look I put on for a perfect afternoon to catch up with my girlfriends, and with the company of a few drinks.

For clothing, I love all colors, they all are beautiful and have something special for each day, but I always end up using neutrals, such as black, white or gray. Next time I go shopping, I will make sure to buy more cheerful colors; they look great in all skin tones (tip). Although it is winter, the weather here in Puebla (Mexico), is very nice. During the day, it is fresh but the sun warms up deliciously, that is why I didn´t need a coat or tights for this winter day.

For this look, I recalled an image I saw of my fashion icon, Olivia Palermo, of her using a short dress, with a large jacket and booties. That is what inspiration is about; seeing something that catches your total attention, and reinterpreting it in your own style. What I loved the most about her look, was the difference in garments lenghts, and I created a look for myself and in my fashion style. I decided to use a short with something long; in this case, it was the chance for a long sweater. The belt was perfect for enhacing my figure, and the booties with heels, were perfect for my height (I am not the tallest person hehe). For the final touch, I added some color with my handbag and a little sexiness with red lipstick. The whole idea if dressing up is feeling like your total self, and that is exactly how I felt.



Handbag-Local store in Barcelona



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