Chronicle Of An Announced Purchase

We all know that defining moment in life. You see that perfect pair of boots and you can´t think of other thing than love at first sight. You can´t help but do whatever you can until they are yours. “A Chronicle Of An Announced Purchase”; from the moment you see that object of desire for the first time, until it is finally yours.

It all began when I was looking for some inspiration on Pinterest. I love watching street style, runways, celebrities; all things fashion. And then I saw it right there, a perfect pair of over the knee boots on Olivia Palermo and that was the moment I fell in love. I couldn´t help it, that is what happens with love; it is out of our hands. And so the research began.

I started looking online where I could find them. I saw different options, like the fabulous Stuart Weitzman Highland boot and each time, I found myself more and more inmerse into my search. I was totally obsessed with them! I checked on ebay, amazon, and many more online stores. But there were some things that prevented me from buying them.

I wanted my boots the fastest I could and not very expensive. Those two things were bringing down my research, until my roomate came with the idea of calling to some stores here in Puebla to check if they could have them. And so I did it; I called some stores and there it was: Steve Madden had a pair of over the knee boots. I was so excited!

The next day, after finishing classes, I went to Steve Madden to see my perfect pair of boots. The result: I was very dissapointed. The boots where not as I expected them. I was craving for a pair of black, suede, no plataform and with a small heel over the knee boots, and those were not like that. But I didn´t quit.

I went to other stores, until I arrived to ALDO, the accesories store. When I entered, I didn´t see any of them, but then a lady working there asked me what I was looking for, and she said me she tought she may had a pair like those in there. My expectations where very small thanks to my earlier failures, but when she arrived, my eyes where delighted by what I saw.

There they were, my perfect pair of boots!!!! :D. I tried them on and they fitted perfectly, so I inmediately bought them. I couldn´t be happier! My quest was succesful and my boots were perfection. And the best part, they were on discount. So the price, the design, the fit; everything was perfect.

Now that I shared with you my adventure, I would to give you some knwoledge I learned with this experience. “Once you find something you love, go for it.” I´m sure you will all find that thing that you want the most. Maybe I am referring to shoes, but it applies for all aspects in life. If you have a dream, go and get it; if you love someone, go and tell them. Don´t let life go, because as a very wise man once said: “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.” Go and get your happy ending, we all can. And now, my boots and I can live happily ever after.


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