Black Rainbow

An all black everything outfit. I love black, it is my favorite color to wear, and with my new pair of over the knee boots, the look was on the move. The boots. Oh the boots!! I shared with you my adventure for finding the perfect over the knee boots, and this are THE ones. I am sooo in love with them :). The moment I woke up today, I had already decided my look would be built around my boots.

As much as I wanted to be dresses in all black everything, I felt I needed a touch of color, and why not, different ones. I am not a huge fan of bright colors, I admit it, but I abolustely love this skirt. The combination of colors is beautiful and the vibe it gives is totally what I would love in a bright piece. This skirt came from a day I was shopping some fabrics with my mom; I study Textile Design so I am always shopping fabrics, and sometimes I like making my own pieces. We saw this beautiful fabric, and the result is here.

I hope you all had an amazing Saturday, full of love, laugh and of course, fashion satsifaction. Look for your style and never let it go. Besos! Pau :*.



Skirt-By me 🙂


Handbag-Louis Vuitton



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