Mini Blue

Hello everyone! I am so sorry for my absence these last days, but I have been very busy with some school projects, but now I am back. I personally love skirts a lot. They are flirty, feminine, and sexy, all at the same time. There is no better way to combine a skirt than with some over the knee boots, especially if you are not a very tall girl like me. The effect they create os of a longer and slimmer legs; a tip, make the whole leg being covered, not showing any piece of skin just like I did with black tights.

I tried to keep the shades very similar, with the exception of the mini blue. Another tip for us short girls, is trying to keep the color palette similar in your outfit, so it elongates you. I kind of used the same shades, but it is a much more powerful effect with an all black everything look or any other color you prefer. A classic bag for my look, and voila! My #ootd. I hope you have a lovely day!

Besos, Paulina.






MINI BLUE-ATUENDO29MINI BLUE7officialMINI BLUE10officialMINI BLUE5officialMINI BLUE9officialMINI BLUE8officialMINI BLUE4official


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