Different Styles Equal True Friendship

You know what they say about that perfect chemistry for love: opposite poles are attracted to each other. And in friendship, a different, but true, kind of love, applies to the same law. Just think about your group of friends. One is the soul of the party; sexy, audacious, and bold. Other is the brain of the group; serious, smart and the one that has the major common sense. And maybe other is the sweet one; romantic, so kind and a sweetheart. I don´t know how your group of friends is, but one thing I am certain about, is that you are all different.

Differences are the ones that make a friendship much more stronger, because the love you have for your friends, doesn´t exist only because you both like fetuccini or because you both wacth Sex & The City over and over again, no matter you already have seen all the season more than 3 times. Your friendship is strong and true, because you have differences that make you compliment each other, make you learn more about life and understanding other people, and most importantly, loving them for who they truely are.

It doesn´t matter that you fall sleep just by reading the first page of a romantic novel; your friend loves them, and you respect that and learn that, maybe, not all romantic novels are so bad. Or maybe your friend loves going to clubs, but you are the most well known Friday-night-Netflix-visitor. You may go to a club some day with her and have one of your best nights ever! It is all about knowing your friends, respecting them, and getting involved in what they love, because a true love, is not only for lovers, it is also for friends.

Image | Vogue.com/Tommy Ton


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