Classic Parisian

Hello everyone!!!!! I am so so sorry for being dismissed these last few days. Everything that could avoid me from posting, happened last week. I got the flu, my computer didn´t work and school got me very busy with projects. Las week wasn´t the best week, but now everyhing is more than OK! I am back on track with more energy and more motivated than ever!

This outfit was from last week. I took the photos but because of the reasons I told you before, I couldn´t post them until now. This was a casual, comfy day, where I went all along for basics, but not just any basics, these are classic parisian basics. Trench coat, check! Jeans, check! Sneakers, check! Striped shirt, check! And of course, red lipstick; more than checked!

Parisian chic is not just made of clothes, they are only a part of it; parisian chic is an attitude. French women exude an effortless, but always elegant and classy vibe worthy of admiration. I love all things french, and of course parisian chic is a base for everything in my life, one I always look up and represent in my life. Classic parisian, it couldn´t get better for me.

Ci Sono trench, Zara shirt, Sexy Jeans denim, Ked´s sneakers, Longhcamp bag, Vogue sunglasses




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