Casually Black

Hi everyone! How are you all feeling today? I hope you are all very happy, and mostly because the weekend is almost here :D. I am feeling in a very good mood today, a little tired because of school, but very happy. Today I had an exam, and I have to admit I didn´t study that much hehe. The perfect choice for today´s look had to be a classy (I have to feel intelectual), and comfortable look.

Comfortable, a word that may not be a synonymous of stylish for many, but in my opinion, I think is one the most stylish things ever. For me fashion is all about expressing who you are, and there is not bigger comfort than being completely authentic.When you feel comfortable in your own skin, it is when you show true confidence and sensuality, and that is when you look your best in any given situation.

I always try to feel comfortable in what I wear. It may be a quirky outfit, a sexy dress, super high stilettos, or a heavy coat; if I feel good on it, I use it without a doubt. I admit there have been a few times that I have used some things that I end up throwing through my window (not literally guys, I am not that dramatic), but those are things we all go learning with time.

Through mistakes, we gain experience. I would never buy again something that may look pretty and I get a huge crush on the moment I see it if I know I won´t feel comfortable in. Style is knowing what you like, what expresses who you are, and the most important thing, what suits you well. We all have a different body type, and it´s time to embrace it and make the best of it.

The most stylish people don´t always have that supermodel body type that looks good on everything; they learn what looks best on them, and take it as a part of their lives. Comfort, feeling good in clothes, expressing who you are, and always, with a big smile :).





Handbag-Louis Vuitton



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