How To Be Creative


Some weeks ago, a teacher gave us an assignment to read some tips the author Hugh MacLeod gives us on how to be creative and also tells us about some challengues and rewards you get by being a creative person. I wasn´t very excited about the assignment (I admit it), but it actually gave me some great advices that I could use in my daily life as a designer and creative being.

In the lecture there were in total 27 tips the author gave us, but I will share with you the ones I found more relevant and helpful. I hope these tips could help you someday; so go for a pen (or your Ipad), and take note on them.

1. Ignore everybody. Be confident about what you are doing; no matter how good your idea is, there will always be detractors, and you shouldn´t let this interfere with your work and your motivation.

2. Put the hours in. It is true what they say, good things take time. Be patient, and with time, all the hard work will bring its rewards.

3. Everyone is born creative. Everyone is given a box of crayons in kindergarden. We are all creative beings. We use creativity for all aspects of life, so stop thinking you are not. Creativity is something we are born with, but it something that also needs to be developed.

4. Never compare your inside with somebody else´s outside. A terrible mistake is comparing yourself with someone else. You don´t really know their story, neither they know yours, so focus on your own path and work on it. Always looking forward, not to the sides.

5. The world is changing. Evolution is a natural element of existence, and in any field of work, there is always something new. A new talent, a new enterprise, a new product, so in order to be successful, it is very important to always keep abreast.

6. Sing in your own voice. You have your own message you want to give to the world, so let us hear all about it.

7. Nobody cares. Do it for yourself. When you have a dream, a project, a vision of something you want to achieve, you should better be thinking that it all depends on you. There will be people that will help you to get to your goal, but the one that has to be completely in love with what is doing, is you.

8. Don´t worry about findin inspiration. It comes eventually. I find inspiration as the most poetic thing of them all. You may be looking for it, or maybe not, but it always finds its way.

9. You have to find your own stick. In life we create who we are, so go on, be creative and form yourself. Let your soul shine on everyhting you do.

10. Write from the heart. And remember, always do things with love, passion, straight from the heart.

Image | How To Be Creative by Hugh MacLeod


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