Red, Heels & Zebra


Hello!! I hope you all had an amazing weekend, and that now you are prepared for the weekend to begin, full of energy and positive vibes. My weekend was really good, and specially different, because my big sis came to visit me! I don´t see her very often and it is great having some quality time with her.

When I woke up this morning, I immediately knew what I wanted to wear: this beautiful zebra coat my mom gave me. I love it so much!! Is trendy, sexy, but classy, and a statement piece with all the right of the word. A stand out piece that didn´t need words to express itself.

My favorite boots, this black beauties by ALDO, paired with a black skirt, and a black blouse completed my classy chic outfit. The red handbag was the fun, young touch to my look, so it wouldn´t be so blacky and whity. This is my perfect kind of outfit, my true essence: feminine, effortless, classy and always, chic.



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