Hot & Cold


Hello hello! How are you all? My vacations week is here, and I am happy at home :). I have two plans for these days. First of all, I will deliciously rest, (movies, series, TV; I am looking at you), and second, I will work in some school projects that I prefer to advance so I won´t have such a heavy load of work in the month left we will have back at college. I will show you some of the work I am doing in a class that has got me very excited!

Today was lovely; great weather, great day. And for great days, the best is to show of some leg. Mines are very, very pale haha, but I love to use skirts no matter if my legs are tanned or not. My skin color is pale by nature, and when I take the sun they neither get like a lot of color, so whiteness is part of me, my signature look ;).

A great advice according to my skin type and one that you could consider, is wearing bright colors. Bright colors look amazing in any skin type, giving you always a radiant look, but it is also important to know which tone of color to pick. For chosing the right shade of color, you have to consider the combination your skin, hair and eyes color make, because these three factors make a huge difference on how you look.

Colors are all so beautiful, but it is very important to pick the ones that make you look better. Haven´t you felt that certain tone of yellow makes you look tired, but with another one you look great? This is very common, and you may think it is because you didn´t sleep well, or maybe because you need a tan, but it is because it is not the right shade for you. Don´t worry, in another post I will tell which are the best tones for you.

Colors, they come in all shades, intensities, and forms. Maybe pink, maybe white, maybe hot or maybe cold, the one you chose can change your entire day, so let´s chose wisely. Have a lovely day!



ZARA blazer, Lulumari blouse, Paulina A´Nines skirt, Nine West shoes, Michael Kors bag



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