Cozy Spring Day


Hello hello!! How is your spring break going? For me this have been lazy days haha. I have been working in a school project I will soon tell you all about, but very calmed, there is no hurry (yet) to finish it, but appart from that I have just hanged out like for going shopping and stuff like that. Not party mode for me.

I can call these days as cozy spring days. The weather is great; maybe a little weird, sometimes it gets cloudy and sometimes there is the sun, but it is awesome. I loved it today how the sun was out, but it wasn´t hot at all. As I am very precautious, I took a long coat with me. I absolutely adore all coats, I think they can elevate any outfit giving you a very chic vibe.

This one I got it from ZARA and I like it very, very much. I loved the colors on it, and it perfeclty matched my handbag, by Paulina Ninas, my brand ;). I have just given you a HUGE advance of what I am doing, what do you think about it? The cool colors match perfectly my undertones (check your undertone here), and I love all these colors together; a little blue, a little purple, a little pink, pretty pretty.

About the school project I have just revealed you about, is one I am loving very much, and that could turn into something big. The class is called “Strategic Desgin”, and the project is about creating an own brand. The brand we create can be about anything, of course related with textile design, my career :D. Soon I will show you everything done; I hope you like it as much as I do!

I think opportunities like this should be taken. A simple idea, can turn into something big, if you put on it patience, effort, work, and passion. Don´t be afraid of doing what you love, this is your life and you should do what makes you happy. Is normal being scared at the beginning of something, but you should overcome it, and follow your dream.



Coat-ZARA | Shirt-Mango | Pants-ZARA | Boots-Juliodemucha | Handbag-Paulina Ninas



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