Warm Space

Lately, I´ve found myself very attracted towards warm colors such as camel, brown, terracotta, beige. I don´t usually prefer these colors, but with the 70´s trend all over the collections for this spring, I couldn´t help but fall in love with the characteristic colors of this boho trend.

On this occasion, I used one of these warm colors, camel, in my accessories: my handbag by Longchamp and this oldies from Bershka. What really felt like part of this warm aesthetic, was the location for this photographs. This beautiful door is part of an old building near my apartment, that contains an art gallery, a room for parties, and a hotel, that currently is being redesigned. Although the building is not finished yet, it is absolutely beautiful.

A color I love combined with warm tones, is blue. A loose dress was the perfect option for this easy breezy look. The white shirt by Mango served as a light sweater for these last days where rain is taking over the city. I wanted to accessorize a little bit more, with these silver belt, and bracelets. This is my perfect kind of outfit for a spring day. Simple, but significant.



Shirt-Mango | Booties-Bershka | Handbag-Longhcamp



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