Comfy Sports

We can finally say that spring is here. It has been really hot out here, and as temperature rises, skirts do so. I absolutely love wearing skirts at any given situation and now with the perfect weather, I am all in for it. For this outfit I wanted something very casual and comfortable, and nothing better than my oldies by Puma and a basic and light sweater by Zara.

What I loved about this look was feeling very casual, but still put together, and the handbag was the one that made this job for me. A pretty, small chain handbag is the perfect option when you want to make an outfit look more feminine and chic. I really like the mixture of colors and textures that can give to a simple look, a very unique vibe.

I also love mixing unexpected items in my outfits. Maybe sneakers with a black blazer, or a beautiful long coat with some casual jeans; the surprise factor is what makes an outfit look special and different. Here it was of course, thanks to my handbag. The comfy sport look made contrast with it and I couldn´t feel better :). The finishing touch were my Vogue sunglasses.

Sunglasses make any outfit look even more chic. A touch of mystery and enigma for any given situation. Nowadays there are some incredible designs that can turn out to be the most important element on your look. You can do more than just protect your eyes, make them the center of the attention. Talk to you soon guys!



Sweater-ZARA | Skirt-Shasa | Sneakers-Puma | Sunglasses-Vogue



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