Shades Of Cool

It is true what they say, there is no place like home, but sometimes going away may be the perfect choice. I love travelling then and now, going to different place and experiencing the new vibes of another city. Travelling is one of the most fulfilling activities someone could do, where losing in an unknown place may lead you to find yourself.

When I talk about travelling I mean going to any other city different than the one where you live, the one that feels like home. I currently live in Puebla, a beautiful city in Mexico, and it doesn´t matter if I go to the capital of the country or abroad, travelling is a marvelous experience that I enjoy everytime I can.

For this ocassion, I visited my sister at Mexico City, the capital of my incredible country, just a few hours near my home. I went to make a special photoshoot I will show you very soon ;). Although this is a city I have visited plenty of times before, I just love it! It is what I would call a big city, with an incredible variety of things to do, people to meet, and places to go, and of course, so cosmopolite.

For the day, I decided to wear a big city kind of look, very à la Carrie Bradshaw (love her and everything about Sex & The City). Edgy but still classic, I put on my favorite over the knee boots with some black shorts. A simple, fresh blue shirt for complimenting my look.

I wanted to add a bit of drama and amazing moving effect to my look, and a long vest was perfect for it. I absolutely love long coats, but with the spring already upon us, I would be dying of heat inside it (and we don´t want that) so a long vest, or sleeveless coat (however you would like to call it) was my choice. Some classic black Ray Bans and a doctor-ish handbag where my go to pieces to finish my big city look. And now ready for the big city, where should I go?





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