Citrics Before Summer

Seasons, come and go. Inspiration for all art forms, each of the four seasons, has something special, unique and outstanding that impersonates them. Spring, summer, autumn, winter, come year after year, making themselves notice in some places more, in some places less, but each one different and outstanding, and fashion has never been blind to them.

The fashion world, for many years, has divided the seasons in two: spring/summer and fall/winter. Year after year the fashion capitals of the world, New York, London, Milan and Paris, held Fashion Week, the greatest landscape for the best fashion designers of our era, and we all couldn´t be more excited to see what the fashion world has in doors for us.

But as a result of the new tendency of technology and communications where things travel too fast, the fashion industry took note, and now we crave not only for these two fashion weeks, we now need collections in between to fulfill our need for more, and faster. The resort and pre-fall collections are all over, and each time more designers join to the two new seasons in fashion that have come to stay.

Let´s add the capsule collections, or special collaborations, many brands and designers are involved in, and we have an enormous amount of new shirts, pants, dresses, skirts, heels, boots, handbags and many more pieces to watch and desire. With all these new fast coming trends, trends seem to be wider, more flexible and individual, where the new cool is just being you.

And for this spring/summer season where we are right now, colors are all over, and I couldn´t resist to use this beautiful orange dress for a very hot day. This beautiful dress by Reina Diaz, with details in pink and blue, completely got my eye, not only for the fresh and strong colors on it, but for the oh, so on trend 60´s mod vibe on it obtained thanks to the A line of its silhouette and minimal aesthetic.

As the dress covers the chest, the best is to use a slick ponytail to elongate the neck. No earrings and just two bracelets for the minimal yet outstanding ootd. For the accessories, I chose these beautiful strapy heels by Nine West, that have very similar hues to the dress, so I can coordinate them to the idea of a fresh, colorful, easy breezy look. A handbag from my brand project Paulina Ninas. Simple, but significant, matches with the standout piece that this pretty dress represents.

If you are feeling the summer coming to you, with hot and sunny days, a pretty little dress is the best option to keep yourself fresh and in trend. Remember to always feel great with what you wear, being comfortable with yourself and showing it to the world every single day.



Dress-Reina Diaz | Strappy Heels- Nine West | Handbag-Paulina Ninas



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