Everything New

There is something very special about new things, and I am not precisely talking about material things, but untouchable ones like a new day, a new month, a new year. We tend to see these new things, as new opportunities, new beginnings. This may sound very philosophical and deep but this is a very common principle that we all could apply to. A very simple example, and one in which I include myself, is this classic phrase: “On monday I start diet”. Tell me, haven´t you ever said or heard this before?

I came to think about this very common thought as I started my summer course at college, and I found it very funny that it began, on monday, june 1°. It was everything new: new day, new week, new month. Is not that I am looking for a deep meaning to this, I just couldn´t help but think about what new beginnings bring to us.

These new beginnings may be as simple, as I said before, as starting a diet because you have been eating a lot of Twinkies and your favorite pair of jeans doesn´t fit you as well as it used to. Or maybe you want to change your hair style because you would like to try that Emma Watson pixie cut. Or maybe you move to a new city where you got an amazing work opportunity. Or maybe you got married to the love of your life. These all are new stages in life that lead us to new experiences and new feelings, and those changes are something natural and good for us.

Once we start something new, there comes along this feeling of renewal, of freshness, of leaving what you knew behind and starting from zero; it feels like it is everything new. And not everything is new, you are the same person, living your same life, but what does change is how you feel, and that is how your life changes. Is like in the fashion world: every season designers present us with a bunch of new pieces to desire and of course adcquire. We buy these amazing new clothes that give us a feeling of renewal, of sensuality and confidence in ourselves, when you are still the same person but with something new.

Without these changes, this natural evolution, everything would still be standing in the same exact place, and we humans, wouldn´t even exist! Many people fear trying new things, fear changes, fear life, because life is movement, life is process, life is now. The comfort zone is one that very easily can get you attached, that is why is called like that. Who doesn´t like being comfortable at home watching a movie during a rainy day?

It is not wrong having a comfort zone, we all have our own very personal one, but the point is to enjoy it for a moment, and then go out to live the real life. Comfort zones are made to make us feel secure and at peace, and we all love that feeling that sometimes getting into the unknown may bring us. I am not pushing you to leave everything and go live to Timbuktu, because leaving the comfort zone doesn´t have anything to do with making huge changes, but making ones that you know may not be helping you.

Go and buy that quirky dress you saw at your favorite store, try a new restaurant of exotic food, get into that spinning class you have always wanted to; this are little changes, but that may bring you so much happiness and new vibes. I once read and couldn´t agree more, “life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. So don´t be afraid of changes, of new beginnings, because I am sure you will love that feeling of a fresh start. New beginnings may lead to wonderful things; would you be open to try them?


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