New beginnings may lead to wonderful things, and starting a new period in college, this time during summer break, is as good as it could be. You have something to do in the long vacations if you don´t have any special plan, like me, where teachers are more flexible, classes are not as heavy ad they could be during a normal semester, and there is a lot of space in the parking lot (a wonderful thing if sometimes you may be not that early for class).

This is the second time I take the summer course at college and I am totally in for it. As I said before, if you don´t have any plans for travelling, or any project to do, taking this period is a really smart choice. I get to advance some classes, making the following two semesters lighter, and I still have my free time. And I am not losing any summer at all, because it seems like the sunny days decided to take a break and we are all in for rainy days.

This climate change isn´t affecting just one place, it is all over the world, and the fashion industry, as it has always been, knows how to show it through their world. Fashion has always been, and will always be, the protrayal of the world we live in. Wether it is in society, economy, politics or environment, fashion has always been a reflection of what is currently happening, and this has been at any epoque.

There are many things happening in our world, but one of them I can apply to now, is the climate change. As I told you, it is supposed to be spring/almost summer, but these last days here in Puebla have been cold and rainy. The weather changes so drastically that we can´t just keep up with it, and designers know this. While seeing the Autumm/Winter 2015 collections this past February, I could see many sleeveless dresses, mini skirts, cut-outs and bright colors, proper of Spring/Summer collections. And of course viceversa with the Spring/Summer collections this past September showing coats, turtlenecks, knit sweaters and more.

Now we live in a seasonless way of dressing, where you can wear all-white in fall, and a cozy coat in summer; there are no more season-like rules, everything is possible. And with that in mind, I decided to wear a look that could fit for both the hot days that are supposed for spring, but the cold and rain that may come.

I decided to use the 70´s trendy trend of flared pants, but with jeans, very ripped jeans. A bottom-up shirt with red and white vertical stripes. They are realy thin, making the effect of a pink shirt. Better for me as you know my love for this color. I combined my shirt with this jacket with a botanic print, which is very sporty, a trend that will not go anywhere, as seen in recent collections and the street, where sneakers have taken the place of the always sexy and flattering stiletto.

The color palette was finished with a very earthy hue, brown, both in my handbag and booties, that because of the jeans look like another very trendy trend: mules, but no, they are backless booties. I am not the biggest fan of necklaces and earrings but a gold ring was the final touch for my every weather-ready look, and I can tell, it did rain.



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