Leather Jackets Will Never Go Out Of Style

There is always this topic in fashion about what are the basics of a woman´s wardrobe. We all have our different ideas of what a list of basics we should all have, but one that will appear in any list, is the leather jacket. This rocker staple is one that fits with any style and I think every woman in the world should have it; and I mean it!

The aesthetic of this jacket recalls to the first decades of the 20th century, when soldiers at World War I used this now classic in our wardrobes. With the passage of time, is has been reinterpretated and modernized with the use of fake leather, in different colors and adding new features and forms, but beside all these aspects, this piece has mantained its original silhouette and spirit.

The leather jacket has always been recognized as a symbol of rebeldy and edge, thanks to movies like “Rebel Without a Cause” and “Wild One”, which had this esterotype of rebel guy as their main characters and of course, they always wore a leather jacket. Society was a little receptive of wearing this piece, because of the meaning it had, but when young people in the streets started to wear it each time more and more often and youth been the real trendsetters, it finally got a complete acceptance.

I love how a leather jacket can make any outfit look edgier, and more fashionable. You can leave the house wearing just a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, and adding this piece, can really make a change. I love this leather jacket, which let me tell you, is not real leather, and I really don´t care. The minute I saw it I loved it and I have been using it a lot, in many different combinations and it always looks good.

In this case, I used my jacket with this linen wide leg pants, which have become one of my favorites. The wide leg of them, completely flatters any body type, making anyone look slimmer and taller. I reccommend you in a 100% to buy a pair of pants like this. Try this experiment and let me know how it went.

I added a simple black top to my look, with a pair of really high heel booties, because these particular pair of pants is a little long, and I love them this way, but I have to use high heels with it, if not I will complete destroy them and we don´t want that. An absolute trendy trend for this spring 2015 is fringe, one I applied in this gorgeous, spectacular, magnific handbag I designed (I am just being honest).

The basic leather jacket is one that as my dear friend Taylor Swift said, “will never go out of style”. Now we have a bunch of different options from where to choose, but I personally prefer a black one. I think is the most classic and the coolest one. Do you share the same love for black leather jackets as me or you don´t feel that magic at all? Let me know and we can see if this love affair with rebel clothing pieces is general or just for a few ones.



10 thoughts on “Leather Jackets Will Never Go Out Of Style

    1. Hi!! I checked your blog and I really liked that you make very personal posts, expressing your honest oppinion which is what makes a good blog. As you told me you want to expand your blog, and I see you have made several posts of DIY you could also make some DIY posts about fashion, that would be very cool. I also have a proposal to you. What do you think about a collaboration between our blogs? Let me know! 🙂

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