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The problem is we think we have time. Yes, we tend to think we will have time later for doing the things we were supposed to do at the moment. We think we will have time later for taking a nap, time for calling a friend, time for reading a book, but time goes by so fast, that when you take a look and notice, the time is gone. Time is priceless, time is precious, time is life, so do what you wish to do when you do have the time, because in the blink of an eye, that time may be gone.

I know, it sounds so deep and poetical, but it is true, each time I can notice how time goes by so fast. Think about what you were doing last year and it seems like it was just yesterday. It is scary, you think you will have time for doing so many things but it may not be so. Just think about things on a daily basis. Hours seem like minutes! And minutes felt like the time I spent vacationing with my sister.

I just noticed this because a week ago I was taking a plane to New York, and now I am here, in my appartment writing this post, and I didn´t even feel these last days. It´s crazy! I went with my sister a few days for vacations and I felt like it was just a minute, a minute where I was able to visit some cool places, enjoy some good time, and in the mid time, taking some photos ;).

For this day, my first day in NY, I decided to wear something comfortable, fresh, but yet stylish for the big city. The go-to piece was this pair of amazing pants by Zara. When dressing I always do this: I pick one piece I really want to wear and make my outfit from that. In this case, these pants were my choice. When I saw them in the store two weeks ago, I just loved them! I had never seen a pair of pants like these and that is what completely got my attention. I love finding pieces different from the rest; an outstanding garment.

These pants are made with spandex, so they adjust to any body type. They fit at the waist, ideal for short girls (like me hehe), because they elongate the legs. Also, the wide leg effect they create with the cut offs at both sides, inmediately gives a slimmer illusion to your body. The cut offs also make this pair of pants perfect for the hot summer, letting air in with every move you make.

A lace crop top, also in black, was perfect for matching my pants. The lace was perfect for giving some texture to a very minimal look, and the cropped shape of the top keeps the ultra flattering waist adjustment of the pants. A pair of black embellished sandals for walking through the hot days in the city, and a long belt purple handbag, so I wouldn´t have to worry about leaving it somewhere, were the only complements this look needed. Hope you like it guys! Let me know what you think :).



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