Flared Jeans, My New Favorite Denim

A new day, a new look. And a new pair of jeans I claim are THE best ones for everyone. They flatter any body type because of the high-waist and flared cut they have. Those two elements together can make wonders! The high-waist immediately makes your waist look slimmer and also creates the effect of longer legs. The same happens with the flared cut of the jeans, elongating legs and making them appear as thinner. Isn´t it amazing?

Style is a way of self-expression, a way to show the world who you are, and I am not just talking about fashion. Everything you do, have or want, is a part of your style, and that style is an expression of your personality. Fashion is just one of many ways to tell the world who you are, and as with the high-waist flared jeans, you could also flatter yourself.

That is the great thing about fashion.You know who you are, and you want to show, but as with all things, you want to show your best face, and with a few style secrets, you can achieve that. This doesn´t mean you are lying about yourself, nono! You just want to show the world the best of you, and that is OK. As it is in real life, are few the ones who know your whole self, the good and the bad, the pretty and the ugly side, and the same happens with fashion. The people close to you are the ones who have seen you in your whole self: sweats, no makeup, just waking up from bed. That sexy beast you were last night is gone gone!

Here it is just another example of how fashion is a truthful reflection of life (for those who think fashion is vain and shallow). Knowing yourself, what you like and what you don´t, what makes you good or not, is reflected in fashion, in your personal style, in which you proudly say to the world, I am here. And I, decided to match my incredibly flattering jeans with a plain cotton gray t-shirt with some very high-heeled willow platforms, which look perfect with an also willow handbag for a very 70´s look, one of the strongest trends of the season. To finish my look I used a very colorful ring and bracelet. And now tell me, what do you think about the high-waisted AND flared jeans? Do you love them as much as I do, or…not.



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