The 70´s Trend You Will Love: The Front-Button Skirt

The 70´s. A decade that still fascinates us, is one of the strongest trend for the season, but as I see it, I can predict that it will stay here for many more seasons (YEY!!!). The new Gucci aesthetic under the direction of Alessandro Michele, has the alluring essence of this epoch written all over it. The streets are being reinvented with the flared silhouette in jeans and all the pants scale, leaving our so-loved skinny jeans at home.

I can name many examples of how the 70´s has come to stay, but now is the occasion to talk about the front-button (or in my case, zipper) skirt. This 70´s trend is taking all over the streets, and I am sure you will love it to. This piece is incredibly flattering because of the high-waist cut and A-line form, giving the effect of a slimmer waist.

There are many ways to style this trend, but for me the best option is by making it simple, but signifcant. This skirt, by Topshop, has a stripes pattern, which I really like in more than one piece. Remember, horizontal lines make you look wider, so think about your body type before buying a piece with this print.

Denim and suede are the strongest fabrics for the 70´s boho trend, in which you will mostly find this garment. You can modernize the trend with different fabrics and a zipper instead of buttons.

The texture of this skirt is really soft and it posses a very femenine allure to it, something I always tend to look for when shopping. You will find this skirt most commonly in denim and suede,  the two strongest fabrics of the 70´s trend. If you liked the trend, but prefer something not so literal, you can do like me and find more modern versions of this trend, with a zipper instead of buttons and in different fabrics. Now my dear readers, tell me, was I certain and you loved this trend?



11 thoughts on “The 70´s Trend You Will Love: The Front-Button Skirt

    1. Thank you so much!! I am glad you liked it and it’s great that you are buying a button up denim skirt, is such a great piece! I want one too! And I will definitely check your blog 😉


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