Want a Feminine Touch in your Look? Use a Braided Bun

The fashion and beauty industry have always been partners. They go side by side, working together to create beautiful and inspiring images, moments and events we admire. Fashion and beauty, clothing, makeup and hair, all these elements exist next to each other, never apart, always in the same level, not just in fashion shows, advertisement or magazines; everyday looks can go from amazing to no thanks if we know how to combine our fashion and beauty.

Lose, long hair will always look good, is true, but it may not always be the best choice for every look. If what you are aiming for is a more feminine vibe, a bun with braids is a total yes. The romantic aesthetic of this hairstyle can completely change what you are transmiting in your outfit.

There are so many hair styles you can do with braids; some have a rocker vibe, others a boho essence, but a bun with braids is an absolutely romantic, feminine look. Just look at the wedding hair of model Frida Gustavsson and you will understand me.

Most women love lose hair, but don´t be afraid of change and dare to try new hairstyles. You will see the difference that the right hair choice will make in your looks.

I have wanted to try this hairstyle for a while and I finally decided to do it. I am not the best braided hair maker, for sure, but I decided to try and make something different with my hair. This is such a romantic hairstyle, the least I needed was very feminine clothes, like a skirt or a lace dress; with romantic clothes I would end up looking like a custome. I love creating contrasts in my looks, and this halter top with skinny jeans has a sexy, edgy vibe to it, in contrapositon to the very feminine hair et voilá!

Lately I´ve liked a lot having buns or ponytails for my everyday looks. I find it is so comfortable and there are many ways to style them that each time I like them more and more. Your hair and makeup, as shoes and bags, have the power to make a look shine or not, is just about trying it. And will you try this romantic hairstyle?



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