Don´t Know What To Wear? Choose Some Statement Pants

We all have those days when inspiration just doesn’t come. You look through your closet and nothing seems appealing at all. You try on different looks, new combinations, but you just can´t find something you like. Although you may have a huge wardrobe, you find yourself saying the all women classic but false phrase, “I have nothing to wear.”

When those dark and frightening days come to pass (to much Game of Thrones, sorry not sorry), the best choice to make so you don´t boil out your brain, is by wearing a pair of statement pants. With them, you need nothing but a plain top and some great shoes; let the statement piece do all the work for you.

I love these black pants which have saved me more than once. I don´t need to think a lot to make a great look with them. That is what happens, and what I love, with a statement piece. You let the garment do all the work, and you just need to compliment it, and let it be the center of attention in your look.

A pair of statement pants may be your savior several times. For a formal or casual occasion, with a romantic or rocker vibe. Try different shoes, tops, textures and colors to take the most out of your garment.

Less is more. Sometimes we think that we need to use many accessories or layers to have a great look, but I don´t think it always has to be that way. I like a lot to use different layers, but when I have a statement piece, I find it useless, and it merely takes out the sense of the garment.

Each garment has its own design; some are very simple, some more elaborated. Statement pieces are meant for that, to stand out, so let them do their work. And when you have an “I have nothing to wear” day, just breathe, relax and choose a garment that speaks for itself.



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