Summer Essentials: Printed Skirt

Now with the summer vacations almost over and with just a week of vacations left before going back to college (noooooo), the hot weather is still going strong, making our wardrobe choices very simple. No layers, short and as fresh as it can be, summer is a season to wear light, colorful and comfortable pieces, reflecting the laid back vibe of the sunny, hot and restful days in the half of the year.

With the summer days passing by, and fall each time closer, is good to consider pieces which can make the transition from hot summer to the chilly fall, and a great choice is a printed skirt. Nothing better than a lose, fresh skirt, with a great print to use for the hot days of summer we have left. And for fall? Well, you can perfectly use it with thighs or with over the knee boots, a trend that will be very strong for the cold weather the second half of the year will bring.

Prints are a great choice for any look. I wasn´t a huge fan of them, but each time I like them more and more, because of the statement aspect and individuality they can give to any garment. Wether you prefer to use printed pieces with other plain ones, or that you dare to combine different patterns, a printed skirt is a great choice for any of the four seasons. At the end, it all depends on how you style it, how will you do it?



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