The Pretty Dress

Sometimes all you need, is a pretty dress. By being a piece that completely dresses you, it may be the best investment for any situation. Long and lose for the beach, short and with a great print for a meal with friends, black for a party or colorful for a date. There are many dresses, so pick the prettiest one for you.

For me it was an easy choice with this short, fresh and colorful dress for the a midsummer evening´s ride (so Shakespeare). In a beautiful orange pink-ish, or pink orange-ish color (or if you see it in another color, go with your doctor), this is the ideal dress to be comfortable and stylish at the same.

I added a sleeveless black coat to my very feminine dress. I am using more color in my looks, but black will always be in my heart, sorry not sorry. To follow with the feminine and summer-ish aesthetic of this dress, I used some embellished black sandals, a small, colorful shoulder bag and some earrings in a star shape. Accessories can completely change any look, so when accessorizing, think in how you would like to transform your very pretty dress.

Zara vest, Sarah Bustani dress, Nine West sandals





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