10 Tips for a Successful Job Interview

Now that I am closer to graduating from college, getting a job is a near reality. Getting involved in the professional environment is a must for all of us near to finish college. In fact, a requirement for graduating from college is by doing an internship in a company involved with the career we are studying. In case you don´t know, I am studying textile design, and the internship I am doing is not other than: fashion. So unexpected.
I will be an intern with a mexican designer based in Puebla and I am sure it will be a great experience to collaborate with her. Of course before getting the internship there was a job interview. I was very nervous about it but once it passed, I realized it was´t as hard as I thought it would be. That´s why I had the idea to share with you some tips for a successful job interview. I hope they are helpful!

  1. Be punctual! This is is the number one rule for a successful job interview. Always organize your day and be prepared for any problem on the road: traffic, a stop for gas, or a flat tire. If you show up late, you have to apologize, which immediately lowers your position against other candidates.
  2. Research about the company you will be working with. Of course if you are applying for a job, you already know something about where you want to work, but make some deeper research about the company and about projects they may be working in the future. It makes an excellent image to show you know exactly where you want to work.
  3. Talk about your CV as an interesting story. Avoid telling your interviewer the step by step of your professional story and instead, use your life experiences to talk about how you got interested in your career, about your learning at college, about how you want to change the world (well, you don´t need to change it, but do make it better).
  4. When asked about your weakness, always answer with a solution. Don´t just say “I am lazy” or “I am disorganized”. When answering to this tough question, give a solution to your problem. If you are a little distracted, you can use an agenda everywhere you go. Problem solved.
  5. When you need to analyze an answer, think about it out loud. Don´t leave a 2 minutes time lapse between the question and a word coming out of your mouth. Analyze the answer out loud so the interviewer knows where your answer came from and to avoid an uncomfortable silence.
  6. Make questions that also benefit you. When your chance to make questions comes, give a preamble with some information that may be helpful for you. Give a short sentence about some knowledge you can share, and add it to the question.
  7. Check your body language. Nothing screams more what you are thinking and therefore, who you are, than your body language. A job interview is for knowing you better and see if you are qualified for the job, and if your body is sending the message of poor confidence, doubt and insecurity, you may not get the job. Remember to smile, make eye contact, keep a straight posture, and avoid crossing your arms or moving a lot.
  8. Give a proper thank you note. Give thanks for the opportunity and a strong handshake just the moment the interview finishes, and also send a thank you note by mail. This shows your politeness, gratitude, and it may also open the door for further dialogue if you don´t get the job. Making good relations with everyone you meet on the working field you develop, may be more convenient than you think.
  9. Dress to impress. Each company has its own dress code. It may a suit, more casual or extremely casual (jeans, flip flops and shorts are included here). When making the proper research about what the company you are interviewing with, search for what your possible colleagues wear to work. Although the dress code where you may work is extremely casual, dress more formal than that. and if the dress code is a suit, then suit up!
  10. Wear a statement piece. After identifying which is the proper dress code for the job you are applying to, look for a piece that start a conversation. A piece that represents your culture or background gives more insight of you, and the interviewer wants to know more about YOU.

Extra tip: Wear colors, silhouettes and clothes that look good on you. You want to impress the interviewer, and what better than looking your best. Avoid many makeup and a very elaborated hair style. Formal, polished and authentic, that is my best fashion advice.

Mango blazer, Zara pants, Steve Madden shoes, Cloe bag





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