A Fresh Way to Use Trends

Details play a huge part in creating a great look; they set the tone. When designing I always recall the phrase, “The details are not the details. They make the design”, by Charles Eames, and I think this quote applies to much more. Style of course.

When talking about details, we may immediately think of accessories, but there is much more, like little details in your clothing, a special hair or makeup you got done, a small chain necklace under your shirt, or a new manicure you tried on your own (and that looked good after 5 times where apparently the walls got their own piece of manicure too). Details are all those things, easily seen or not, that make outfit different and special.

Adding details in your looks is a fresh way to use trends. The black top I am wearing has a small fringe detail that may not be so perceptible, but still follows the fringe trend we have been seeing all over. This is a great way to use trends in a more sutile way, making it easier to adapt your clothes to further seasons and to different outfits. As well, there may be some very extravagant trends or you just prefer them in smaller doses, and a little trendy detail may be the best choice.

Big details, small details, the idea is to freshen up your look with things that make you feel good and true to yourself. Trends come and go, there are some crazy ones and some others much more approachable, so that is why a fresh way to adapt your wardrobe to the fast moving fashion is by getting pieces with small doses of what may be in now, but that tomorrow will be out. Buy things you truly love and that you will wear many times. Remember, fashion should not be disposable. What do you think guys? Do you prefer to buy obvious trendy pieces or just small trendy details?

Andrea & Co. Top, Guess Boots, Carolina Herrera Bag 




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