The Most Beautiful (And Uncomfortable) Shoes I Have Ever Bought

It was one regular morning on a weekend, with nothing special to do, and all the day ahead. What should I do? Go to the mall to spend some quality time. Looking for nothing in particular, I stopped in the shoe section of a department store. One shoe after another, and I really didn’t like anything, until there they were: the most beautiful shoes I had seen in a long time. Of course, I tried them.

When trying these amazing shoes, I noticed they didn’t fit me that good; I needed a smaller size. I asked the lady attending me if she had the pair of shoes in another number that could fit me better. The answer: “No, they are the only pair left we have.” I was terribly disappointed, but as I believe every woman in the world has done once (or more than once), I bought the shoes without further thinking. I mean, what could go wrong? They were just a little bit bigger than the ones that could have fitted me perfectly. No problem!

The days passed by, and then the day arrived: the perfect moment to wear my fabulous new shoes. There was a party and the outfit of the night couldn’t look better with another pair of shoes. I did my hair, my makeup, a little perfume over here, a little perfume over there. I was ready to go, and the last thing I missed was putting on those amazing shoes I had just bought, and certainly, not used before.

It all was going perfect. Some drinks, good music, great company and the best of all is that there were some tables (I prefer being sitted, sorry not sorry) which avoided me to be standing or moving around; the new shoes were almost intact. There was nothing against the comfort between my shoes and I.

When I finally started walking, my feet seemed to be getting quite noisy (noisy=complaining, capisce?). We decided to go to a nightclub and one step after another my feet seemed to be getting very uncomfortable, each time more and more. Inmediately we made it to the nightclub, I threw myself on the nearest couch to our table. “Just a  few minutes”, I said to myself; the time to leave arrived and I was still there, on the couch (I told you, I love being sitted). Thanks new shoes.

I made it to the car walking like if I was a frog trying to walk in two feet. Not pretty. Nono. When I arrived home I noticed my feet were absolutely swollen and with some few (not few) wounds. From that day on, I had to say goodbye to the most beautiful shoes I had bought. As much as I love them I just can´t use them for more than 30 minutes. Such a tragedy.

But after this horrific experience there is an important lesson I hope could be useful for you. No matter how beautiful, amazing, on 99% discount you find a pair of shoes, if they don´t fit you well, DON´T BUY THEM. End of the story.

Illustration by Paulina Chávez Menéndez-ATUENDO29


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