Smart Shopping: Think Further

You have a party, so you go buy an amazing dress that you will use one or two times because you uploaded some (or more like a lot) of pictures and you fall into the consumerist behaviour of not wanting to wear it again. Sounds familiar? Sometimes we buy outfits for a special occasion without much thinking and those clothes absolutely fulfill their purpose of being “an occasion look” and nothing else. Such a terrible idea.

When looking for an outfit for a special occasion, either a party or a trip, my best advice would be to buy thinking further. Find something you love and that you can use many other times. Shopping this way you just don´t benefit yourself (and your wallet), you will also contribute to a sustainable way of thinking by making smart shopping choices.

Buying clothes you love and that you can use for many other occasions will also make you think twice about what you spend your money on, and therefore, be more stylish too. An example are these pants from Zara that I got for a party. They were much longer because they were supposed to be used with high heels, so I cut them so I could use them more casually, without high heels (my feet really appreciate this) and of course, wear them more than once.

Smart shopping is about buying garments or outfits that you can use several occasions. The key lies in how you build your look. Accessories, layering, hair and makeup, all these elements can completely change any piece you have chosen to buy.

So next time you go shopping, be cleverer, and shop smarter. By choosing consciously, you will notice how you will create a wardrobe with things that you actually like (not like that discount dress you didn´t need but ended up taking home), and that will be used many times. Your wallet, your wardrobe and the planet will thank you for that.

I´m wearing:

Zara pants, Mango shirt, Topshop shoes




9 thoughts on “Smart Shopping: Think Further

  1. I love this. It’s so wasteful, both environmentally and from a budget perspective, to buy things for just one use. While our consumer culture encourages these kind of purchases, it’s so much more beneficial to make decisions based on consuming clothes will get extended joy and wear out of.

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    1. Thank you! I am really glad you liked my post :), and yes indeed, we live in a consumist culture and is what we know, but making a few changes in the way we buy can benefit a lot our world. We all can make a difference for the good of all of us, of that I am sure ;).

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