J.W. Anderson´s Spring 2016 Hair


Image via Vogue/Co

Now that the fashion month is taking over the runways of New York, London, Milan and Paris, the future is being written. Some of the best designers in the world are presenting their proposals for what we will be wearing in the upcoming Spring 2016. New colors, new silhouettes, new trends, they all are being showcased right now, giving us a preview of what we will love, and wear, in a few months.

And as new collections are presented every day for a whole month in the fashion capitals, we can´t skip taking notes not only in clothing and accessories, but in hair and makeup, and in my notes is written J.W. Anderson´s hair. As Vogue said it, the hair in J.W. Anderson´s runway in London Fashion Week for the upcoming Spring 2016 will be the new hit on the streets.

Presented as a slick ponytail, the hair is divided in two even sections and then twisted around as an helix, fastening both with a band at the ends. Sounds easy right? Well, for me it was a little (a lot) difficult to make it work. After several tries, a dramatic amount of hair spray and broken bands, I managed to make this great hair style.

It turned out that it was as easy as it sounds, I was just doing it wrong hehe. The trick for making this hair do perfectly: you have to twist both hair sections in the same direction. Simple as that, not so simple to figure out. I was doing it all wrong by twisting both sides to different directions (both to their respective outside or inside). The key is to twist them both in the same direction, this means one will be twisted inward and the other one outward. This way them both stay right where they should be, and you will only need a thin band to fasten them.

This is an amazing hair do for changing the classic ponytail or braid when you have no time for doing your hair (or just don´t want to). A fresh alternative that will make you look polished and casual, and yes, as simple as it sounds.





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