The Sequined Sweater

When we think of sequined pieces, we immediately assume they are garments for the night, isn´t it? A sequined skirt, a sequined dress, a sequined top (and more and more sequins to come). The night is made to shine in edgy outfits, but who said we can´t bring a little night glamour to a regular day? Don´t leave the bling bling only for the night and dare to wear a sequined garment when the sun is up and shining, and for that, there is nothing better than a sequined sweater.

A sequined sweater is the best choice to bring a little sparkle to any look, wether is day or night. The comfort of a sweater doesn’t mean it can´t be a totally stylish piece, it is all about how you create your whole look. What does matter when creating a look with a sequined piece is following the rule “less is more”.

Wether you prefer sequins in a detail or all over your sweater, the best is to leave the other pieces of your look more simple and plain (which means, no prints). The flamboyant effect of the sequins will make of your sweater the center of attention in your look, so it is better to leave other extravagant pieces for another occasion.

A sequined sweater is a great investment piece. Comfortable, stylish and versatile, it can be worn in many ways, for both day and night. Nothing better than being comfortable and looking good at any moment, don´t you agree?

Wild & Alive sweater, Topshop skirt, Zara mules, Lamarthe bag




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