Why you should Have a Printed Dress

When it comes down to clothing with prints, I don´t consider myself their number one shopper. I have always being dragged to buying clothes in plain color, without much prints, and in neutral tones. I have always been like this, buying a printed piece over here and a printed piece over there (here and there are never). When I noticed the monotony in my closet, I decided to try in with different garments, and I couldn’t have made any better choice.

I will always be faithful to my plain and neutral pieces (sorry not sorry), but more color and prints have been entering in my wardrobe and as it goes, I think I will have to make more space for this fun garments. My fellow faithful black, white and grey shoppers, I absolutely recommend you trying more prints, and if there is one garment you could begin with, is 100%, signed in the presence of a notary, without doubt (I am totally sure), a printed dress.

By protecting all you need to cover (from your sexy body), the dress by itself creates a whole look, and if we are talking about a dress with an amazinf print, it will everything but a boring outfit. Find a great print, better if it with several colors (black, white and grey are not included). The combination of drawings and color will make your look more interesting and it will be incredibly easy to put together.

The best is to match your printed dress with accessories in simple lines and with similar colors or tones in your dress. A great dress, some fabulous shoes in matching tones to the amazing print and a few jewerly pieces in simple lines. Do you like my idea?

A great print, wether is in a top, blazer, skirt or pants, will always make your look more original and different, but a print in a dress, it will be all you need.

Desigual dress, Cloe shoes, Ray Ban sunglasses





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