Black & White: A Combination that will never Fail

Wether it is for fall or spring, for any weather or any occasion, there is a color combination that will never fail: the always chic black and white. Like the common phrase “opposites are attracted to each other”, these contrary colors were made to be together (sounded so cheesy but is true).

If you are having an “I have nothing to wear day”, or just start seeing fluorescent colors as neutrals,  go for black and white before you make a desesperate choice.

Elegant and simple, modern and vanguardist, casual/sensual (that is how it´s said); black and white can create any kind of outfit for every style. Add some color with your accessories to create contrast, or leave the whole outfit in these two tones, the choice is yours. So if you want to look amazing and not fail, a look in this bicolor combination will never get it wrong.

Andrea &, Steve Madden shoes



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