How to Style a Pencil Skirt for Fall

Now that the fall is all upon us and temperature starts going down, garments in our looks start to multiply. Because of the weather changes, we put some pieces of clothing to hibernate, and all those cozy sweaters, long coats and socks, lots of socks (even layers of socks), become part of our daily looks.

What we look for when dressing up in this chilly days is being well covered, but that doesn´t mean you have to look like a Yeti taking down the city. The best way to avoid being a big polar bear and still not passing cold, is with a pencil skirt styled with thigh high boots.

The timeless pencil skirt is a great investment piece that you can wear any time of the year, because just changing one detail, like your shoes, is what will make it adaptable for any weather. Using your pencil skirt with the thigh high boots trends, so strong (and amazing) right now, is the perfect way for being both covered, and stylish this fall.

A. Byer skirt, Zara sweater and vest, ALDO boots



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5 thoughts on “How to Style a Pencil Skirt for Fall

  1. You look stunning! I love the boots and the bag adds the perfect pop of color. I need to get myself another pair of black high knee boots! I have a pair, but they are quite a few years old now and the insides are wearing out. Would love to get heeled ones like this.

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