Check Your Tights Before Leaving The House

Now that days start getting colder and colder, tights (or thigh high boots) seem like a great idea for maintaining ourselves warm if you don´t want to leave your skirts and shorts hibernating during this season. Tights, black or white, in color or with a print, are an accessory that should never be missing in your wardrobe, but have you already checked they are not ripped?

I don´t know you people, but in my youthful years (yes, adolescency) I wanted to feel like a rock star, and I used once (more than once), ripped tights. I admit it, and I am not ashamed of it; we all see pictures of ourselves from some years ago and think “Why the **** did I wear that?!!!!” And for me, ripped tights are part of those things I should have never worn, but in fashion, as in life, we learn from our mistakes.

We all have had those outfits we regret, those periods in our life where we used to think, “Yes, this is my style and is so cool!!(not, it isn´t)”. Five years later, you see those pictures and cheeks start to blossom and Facebook pictures start being deleted. Is normal, and good, and that is how you create your personal style. It is a look by look path and making mistakes is part of the process. For me, this was one of the steps in the process of creating my personal style, and I certainly left those horrible ripped tights kept very deep in the past (and in the trash can of course).

And with my style experience, I can save you from making the same mistakes I did and check well those tights you are about to use. The only acceptable way to wear ripped tights is in a Saint Laurent runway, and nowhere else! And if you may have the risk of ripping your tights, apply hair spray on them to avoid any kind of accident. So now you know, if you are using tights this season, make sure you check them before leaving the house.


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