Give your Clothes a Second Life

Love at first sight. You enter your favorite shopping spot and you see it. The most beautiful dress you have ever seen (well, in the last six months). You can´t resist the urge and you buy it. Now you have it, this stunning piece that you can´t wait to wear.

So the perfect ocassion for wearing your new dress arrives, and you feel so good in it. It is perfect, what we all women look for: is beautiful, comfortable and suits you like a second skin. You look amazing! And you love this dress so much;it is true love.

So time passes by and you wear this dress for several other events, until the day comes where all the love you had for this perfect garment disappears. You have worn it so many times that you no longer feel the same excitement, and you already have photos using it in all the possible angles, poses, backgrounds and with every one of your friends (and family included).

You don´t want to wear it anymore! What will you do next? Throw it in the trashcan? No! There is one way in which you can give that perfect dress you love so much a second life: transform it. By changing the length, choping it off, or adding a detail (with the help of a professional of course), you can create a completely new garment, giving your much-loved dress, a second chance.

The skirt I´m wearing used to be a dress. I didn´t want to wear it anymore so I decided to cut the top of it and make it into a skirt. This way I gave my dress a second life, instead of just putting it in the garbage. Clothes should not be discarded so easily, and if there is a way in which you can still wear that piece you once loved so much, why not try it?

Transforming clothes into new pieces is a way of playing and having fun with fashion. Creating your style is not only based in buying clothes and putting them on; is a whole process. Picking the clothes, matching them, accessorizing and if you wish so, you can add a plus to your looks by having pieces no one else has by the power of transformation.

So buy that amazing dress you fell in love with, and when the time comes, give it a second life. Love do lasts forever.




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