The Power of a Hat

By being a frequent observer of inspirational style images, I´ve come to identify one or two things that will always look good. After seeing a bunch of street style pictures, celebrity looks and lots (really, lots) of #ootd´s on Instagram, I have noticed the power a hat has to elevate any casual look, and this is an advantage very few know.

It wasn´t until now that I decided to get myself a hat, and I don´t know why it took me so long. I believe we tend to think this is a difficult piece to wear, and that it isn´t ideal for every style, but this is a mistake. A hat is one of the accessories we put less attention to, and it should be the other way.

As I have mentioned before, accessories have the power to change any outfit. Shoes, bags, and statement jewelry pieces, they are the ones we tend to think of when talking about accessorizing, but hats should be as important and basic in your wardrobe as well.

The great thing about hats, is that they will never go out of style. They are timeless pieces, that can look good with any look, in all the season and with every style.

Zara hat&sweater, Bershka boots