Another Kind of Leather Jacket

I have always been a huge fan of leather jackets. They are classic pieces that will never go out of style. So it was a good (really good) thing to find this new kind of leather jacket. It´s a fresh and modern version of a classic, and changes now and then are a good thing too.

When I got this piece, I immediately thought of using it with a high waisted piece. As I am not very tall, (not tall at all), the best is to use the short aspect of this piece for my advantage, and pairing it with a  pair of pants, skirt, or shorts, with a high waisted fit, was the right choice, as it creates a balanced look and creates a flattering effect by visually elongating my legs; one of many reasons I love fashion ;).

So if you are a leather jackets fan like me, but would like a twist on it, try with a shorter version of it.

Do+Be crop-jacket, Zara skirt, Mango shirt, Truth or Dare stilettos



3 thoughts on “Another Kind of Leather Jacket

  1. A jacket almost like matadors wear…but in black! Presentation of the whole—your whole–ensemble was superb–starting dowwn with those metal-tipped heels and their intricate…filigree? wondrous black long skirt and petite white bl;ouse and leather (chopped?) jacket. The drama of the whole presentation was–is–amazing!


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