Specially for Cuba


As I’ve told you before, I spent New Year in a cruise around the Caribbean, and one of the destinations we visited, was the beautiful Havana in Cuba. As this is a tropical destination, the weather over there was hot and warm in spite of the cold winter other countries were living, so I took with me some of my summer attires. Bikinis, skirts, shorts, little dresses, all of them traveled with me, and as this was a holiday, I gave myself some presents by shopping some special outfits for the occasion.

One of the things I bought specially for Cuba, was this little black dress, which I found perfect for the hot weather over there. As Karl Lagerfeld wisely said:

“One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a little black dress.” 

The LBD (little black dress) is a piece that will ALWAYS look good. The goal, is to make it your own by adding accessories, and styling it according to your personal style. As this is such a fresh, youthful dress, I didn’t want to over accessorize it, so I decided to just add a belt with a metallic hue on it and two golden bracelets, one on each arm, to match.

These details made the dress different from what it looked like, and also, made it ideal for my personal style. The shoes choice was easy, with a pair of black sandals with some embellishment on them. Nothing better than some comfortable shoes for traveling.

Although I bought this dress specially for this trip, I will wear it many more times ahead. I can already imagine several ways in which I can style it, and use it for more than one occasion. Remember to make smart shopping choices, and buy things you truly love.

I´m wearing:

Bui dress, Nine West sandals, Vogue sunglasses



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