Classy Transparency


Transparencies for dressing up, are one the best ways in which you can feel sexy, without showing too much skin; directly, of course. Transparencies in an outfit will always transmit an aura of seduction, giving a little glance of what´s underneath.

Now, we can see transparencies in all kinds of garments, and in different proportions; from a small detail, to whole dresses, transparencies are details that will always endure to delight us. According to your personal style, and of course, how much you want to show, there will be a transprency specially for you.

I loved the blouse I´m wearing. Although there is a lot of transparency on it, the design on the sleeves and the detail on the neck, make it a more formal garment. So, that is why, I decided to make it more casual for the day, by wearing it with a pair of jeans, and tall boots.

A detail which can´t be looked up by when wearing transparencies, is your underwear. A nude or black bra is ideal for a black transparency, like mine, but it all depends on what you are wearing. A definite no, are bras in colors or with drawings. Keep it simple, and you will not miss.

I´m wearing:

S.1 blouse, Biography jeans, Cloe belt, Guess boots&bag




8 thoughts on “Classy Transparency

  1. i wish i could wear more transparent things, but i don’t think i can pull it off! You look great and i think this blouse would look amazing with leather skirt/shorts xx

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