Dress in Denim

Denim is a classic fabric we will always love. We use it many stylish pieces: the comfortable jeans, the grunge jacket or the 70´s A-line skirt. All these garments can give a look a casual, cool vibe, thanks to the essence of this iconic textile.

Denim has been around us for several decades, but it wasn’t until the 50’s that teens started using this fabric as a staple in their looks. Before this change in fashion, denim used to be worn by miners only, because of the strong resistance of its composition. But the rebel teenagers of that time wanted something different of what their parents wore, so, the unpopular denim was the symbol of their youth.

It was thanks to the teens on the 50’s that denim became cool, and it hasn’t stopped; its popularity has been growing since, indeed. Now, we use denim all the time. Jeans are the most well known and worn garment with this fabric, but we can leave them at home for a while, and why not, try a denim dress.

I’m wearing:

Zara boots&hat, Ravel dress



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