Mixing Textures

Buying great clothes is one thing, but real style is something completely different. What really makes someone a stylish person is not the clothes they have, but how they mix and match them, and a great way in which you can add more style to an outfit, is by mixing not just colors, but also textures.

Mixing can be a great thing. When we create combinations of colors or textures, it turns out in a really interesting outfit that will definitely stand out from the rest. I took this lace top and combined it with a fringed, soft skirt. These two textures, both in neutrals, created a romantic and modern vibe that I loved. I added a bag with a colorful twist to make it more youthful, ideal for a brunch at daylight or a dinner out in town.

When mixing patterns, try to no make it so “matchy-matchy”. Experiment and look for what you like according to your personal style. Nothing suits us better than what we feel comfortable with.






I’m wearing:

Ferriano skirt, Nine West stilettos, Vogue sunglasses



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