Why you Should only Wear Clothes that Make you Feel Comfortable

Illustration by Daniela Viveros Barrera

A rule for dressing up that I have discovered through some traumatic (well, not so dramatic) experiences, is to only wear clothes that you feel comfortable with, and no more! When you use something that makes you feel uncomfortable by any given reason, DON’T PUT IT ON. Period.

I have worn some garments which may look nice, but which make me feel soooo uncomfortable, and at the end of the day, I don’t enjoy myself up as much as I could have if I had picked another outfit. Maybe the dress I was wearing was too tight (and I ate too much, woopsi), or I wasn’t wearing the right bra (a black bra with a white shirt?!), or maybe the color wasn’t the ideal for the day (blue didn’t give me the vibes for today!!). But at the end of the day, the result is the same: I felt uncomfortable the whole time and of course, I was aware of that, as well, ALL THE TIME.

The most important thing to do, and feel, when dressing up, is comfortable. When you wear something that makes you feel pretty, or sexy, or powerful, that is the best outfit in the world, and no one can decide it but you.

This also defines and creates your personal style. You identify what suits you and what doesn’t, and this way, you’ll end up having, and wearing, things you truly love and that you feel good with.

Don’t wear a certain dress, or create a look based on someone else’s opinion. The one who will wear (or suffer) the garments you choose, is you. So listen to the wise advice of life and experience, and ONLY wear things you feel comfortable in. ALWAYS. You’ll thank me later ;).