Armed in Green

We all have certain colors we tend to use all the time. Although we know there are hundreds of beautiful colors, we always pick the one that we have our closet filled with (I can see you all over, black). I find this quite funny, because when shopping, I prepare myself mentally to pick colorful garments, to change my usual plain clothing for something different, but I always end up choosing similar tones (woopsi).

But the last time I went shopping, I had very present the fact that I wanted something in the classic army green, and I got it. This color was seen in several shows for Spring/Summer 2016, and I have always liked it, so I was glad I found a basic for my wardrobe in this tone.

But what I liked the most about this piece from Zara, is that is 100% organic cotton. We have to think about our environment by making smart shopping choices, and picking clothes which take care of our planet. Many brands are making changes for the best and we as consumers have to be more aware of what’s happening and therefore, consume in a more conscious way. Style and consciousness towards our world can go hand in hand.


On this post:

Zara shirt, skirt & boots, Vogue sunglasses


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