The Spring Floral Dress

Each year, designers and fashion brands present their proposals for every new season, and a must that is never missed in the Spring/Summer collections, is the floral print, and more accurate to say, a floral print dress.

There is nothing that screams more spring season than a floral print dress. This kind of pattern is timeless and classic that will always look good. Wearing this piece is a secure choice and there are a lot of options from which you can pick the style, color, and print that you like the most.

I chose this dress from Zara because I loved its modern print. It’s made by different flowers which are positioned in a way that makes this pattern stand out from others I’ve seen before. I also liked its hippie kind of 60’s vibe thanks to the wide sleeves and loose fit. I added a pair of black sandals from Nine West to be comfortable and to make it more casual for the day. And now tell me, which is your favorite kind of floral print? Let me know in the comments below!



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Zara dress, Nine West sandals


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