Off the Shoulder

Trends are everything in the fashion industry. They are the materialized demonstration of what is happening (and what we need) in the world as a society. Of course each designer decides how to interpret it according to their own creativity and style, but there will always remain a similarity of colors, shapes and textures for each season, and it proves how fashion is, and will always be, a vivid reflection of our society.

Trends serve as a guide, not only for the fashion industry, but as well they lead the way of many other business such as interiors, or architecture, defining the path to take. They lead the industry in all matters: design, advertisement, retail, etc. Trends are important, aren’t it? But YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A SALVE OF TRENDS. Pick the ones you love, and always, be true to yourself. That is real style.

Not every trend that comes out has to be followed and pursued on every shop you visit. But there are some styles that have many interpretations, leaving the door open for us to find one garment that belong with our your personal style. I believe this is the case for the off the shoulder trend.

Feminine and classy, the off the shoulder trend has come and has managed to make room for more than one season thanks to the versatility of the style. Feminine and classy, sexy, or edgy, this kind of garment has been seen in many different styles for several seasons, making it easier for you to add it to your wardrobe.

As the fast moving fashion industry brings in and out trends for each time shorter periods of time, when the fact that a certain garment lasts for more than one season, makes it worth the investment, and as seen in the Fall 2016 and Resort 2017 collections, this design will be here for more time to come.

I have made my choice with this romantic top from Zara, and have you?

On this post:

Zara top&shorts, Nine West shoes

Photography by Alum Gálvez


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